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Who doesn’t like to watch movies, Tv shows or even cartoons? Most of us have our own preferences regarding the entertainment form but we all need some kind of entertainment. It is true that you can simply store your media on your mobile or tablet and then just watch it whenever you want. But that’s not always possible because sometimes your device may not have that much of storage space or suddenly you just want to watch some another movie instead of the movie which is on your phone. So what to do in that condition? Well, you can go to the internet and download the whole movie or any Tv show episode which might result in more data consumption or you can just simply use this amazing app called Playbox Apk.

Download PlayBox Apk
Download PlayBox Apk

This app of PlayBox Apk easily allows you to stream your favourite movies, Tv shows and even cartoons without having to download them to your mobile so if you are low on storage space then Playbox app that you should definitely opt for. Keep in mind that this Playbox Apk is now also called as Cinema Box apk. So if you are having trouble or getting confused with the names then don’t worry both the apps are really the same.

PlayBox Apk Download For Android – Latest Version

Now that you know what this Playbox Apk does, and I am pretty sure that most of you are interested in this app, So without wasting much of your time lets just get started on how you can easily install Playbox. So to install this app you can just follow the instructions which are given below

1. Firstly let me make this clear since this is a third party app you won’t be able to find this app on the play store. So you will need to go to the following URL in order to download this Playbox .apk.

Download PlayBox .APK

2. Once you are on the URL you will find on the top right corner a button to download. You can directly download this file on your phone or you can download it on your pc and then with the help of data cable you can easily transfer this file onto your phone

3. Since this is a third party app you cant just click on the apk file and start the installation. Most of the times you will get an error saying Installation blocked. So to avoid that All you need to do is just go to your phone’s settings and under security setting or under application setting it really depends on your phone or tablet model you will find an option saying “Enable installation from third-party apps” Then all you need to do is just click on that option and make sure that it is ticked.

4. Now that you have done that you need to go to your file manager on your phone and find the location where you have downloaded the file, and then simply click on the apk file and wait for the installation to get finished.

5. Once the installation is finished you need to go to your menu where you will find that app and now you can simply open this app and start enjoying entertainment completely for free

PlayBox apk is really useful especially if you don’t have enough space on your phone and still want to watch movies or tv shows. Again I am reminding you that this Playbox apk is now also known as the Cinema box Android apk so you don’t get confused.

Features of PlayBox Apk

PlayBox Apk
PlayBox Apk

Now that you know how to install Playbox apk, Following are some of the features of this Playbox apk which are very useful

  • Using PlayBox apk you will have no trouble in accessing unlimited HD movies and Tv shows and even cartoons and Anime as well
  • The best part about this app is that it is completely free to use. You can download this app for free and even use it for free. So now you don’t have to waste your money on buying DVDs of different movies and tv shows.
  • This app is available for both Android as well for iOS so now it doesn’t matter which os you use this Playbox Apk supports two of the major phone operating system in the world
  • The installation process is also quite simple, There is no need to root your device in order to use this app
  • You can simply download, Install and start searching and watching your favorite shows or movies in high definition on your phone without any issue
  • Streaming movies, Tv shows, and cartoons is also very smooth so that there is no disturbance between you and your entertainment.

    PlayBox .APK Download
    PlayBox .APK Download
  • It also comes with a kids feature which will allow you to block movies and tv show while children are handling this app

PlayBox Alternative Apps

If you are facing some kind of trouble with this app then you can check out the alternatives for Playbox app

1. Showbox app

2. MegaBox HD Apk

3. Movie HD app

4. Popcorn time app

5. Cartoon Hd apk

6. Sky Hd bag

You can also try Kodi for movie streaming servers like or are boon to watch movies for free. You can definitely use the above apps because all of them are pretty much similar to this Playbox app. and also provide you with one-touch access to all the movies and tv shows and even Animes and cartoons.

PlayBox apk really useful especially for entertainment purposes, It provides you unlimited access to all of your favorite TV shows and movies. and for kids, it also provides cartoons and animes. The main drawback of this app is that it does not sync across multiple devices. it also does not support regional language. You can’t even select the local language and watch the local tv shows. And also sometimes there may be a watermark on movie or tv show that you are watching. But if you are comfortable with all of this then PlayBox apk is really made for you.